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Explore the supplier partners of our 2021 Healthcare Forums.  Their offerings equip healthcare leaders with solutions to overcome key finance and revenue cycle challenges.

3M Health Information Systems is committed to eliminating revenue cycle waste, creating more time to care and leading the shift from volume to value-based care. We are closing the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity, providing clinicians with real-time guidance and accurate documentation. From computer-assisted coding (CAC) to clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and performance monitoring, 3M’s automated and intuitive software can help reduce costs and provide more informed care. For more information, visit or follow @3MHISNews on Twitter.

Advent specializes in medical necessity throughout the life cycle of the claim, from referral to reimbursement. Highlighted services include:

  • Clinical denial appeals. Performed for inpatient, outpatient, and DRG with a 91+% overturn rate. Includes root cause analyses and process improvement recommendations.
  • CAVO® Business Intelligence Reporting. Customized appeal/denial dashboards that aggregate 835, 837, and workflow data to deliver real-time insights with mobile viewing capabilities.
  • CAVO® Apps – validated, Cerner and Epic. Utilized for appeal management to maximize your team’s productivity.

Advent leverages clinical expertise, proprietary CAVO® technology, and best practices feedback to collaborate with your team to achieve realized revenue.

AGS Health alleviates the financial and administrative challenges healthcare providers face by proving a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management solutions, including coding, billing and analytics. View our case studies at 

Since 1996, Apogee establishes relationships with hospitals to maximize revenue and reduce future underpayments through Reporting and Contract Feedback. Primary objectives include capturing lost revenue and collecting untimely payment penalties to improve organizations’ efficiency.  To achieve maximum reimbursement, Apogee conducts Managed Care Zero Insurance Balance Reviews, Secondary/Supplemental Reviews, Prompt Payment Reviews, and COB Reviews.  Other services include Aged Accounts Services and Denial Management Services. Consultants identify root causes and provide feedback to improve contract language, correct billing errors, and settle issues adversely impacting organizations.  Apogee creates a win-win relationship with your organization by working on a contingency basis. 

BDM is a specialized international health care billing and recovery firm; we act as an extension of our client’s Business Office, billing international travel insurance companies and international patients who received care. We have the experience and know-how to identify and quantify international patients accounts in inventory, establish Best Practices for international patient registration, extend the global reach of billing operations, increase patient engagement resulting in superior recovery results, implement an international billing service, at no cost and generate more income without adding resources!

CommerceHealthcare®, a division of Commerce Bank, provides automated payment products for accounts payables, revenue cycle and patient financing. These tailored, ROI-based solutions enable providers to find cost savings, improve cash flow, and leverage new opportunities in everyday processes. The CommerceHealthcare® team includes healthcare and banking professionals dedicated to finding a better approach to many of the financial challenges facing the healthcare industry. From remittance processing to supplier payments to patient loan programs, CommerceHealthcare® delivers healthcare insight with financial foresight so providers can improve processes, increase margin and reduce financial risk.

At CORE Business Technologies we help healthcare organizations across the nation simplify, secure, and comply with complex revenue cycle environments. Our focus is to reduce the noise, harmonize and reconcile the data, and turn payments into a positive for your staff, patients, and consumers.

With purpose-built, receipt to reconciliation revenue cycle management solutions, we deliver an integrated, enterprise-wide authoritative source to manage all inbound revenue to simplify payments and improve clinical, financial, and patient outcomes.

Reduce the friction around self-service, touchless interactions, and full-service payment encounters by visiting us at

CueSquared MobilePay™ changes the dynamic of patient self-pay billing by accessing patients where they live – on their mobile phones. CueSquared MobilePay™ augments existing self-pay collection strategies by seamlessly transforming patient statement data into actionable SMS text-based statements. Patients pay immediately upon receiving MobilePay™ notifications resulting in accelerated cash, reduced “costs to collect” and provides the consumer experience patients have come to expect and receive in other aspect of their lives. There is no application to download and no cumbersome portal to log into. MobilePay™ is fully HIPAA, PCI and TCPA compliant. For additional information contact Gibran Cotton at

Founded in 2004, ElectrifAi (formerly Opera Solutions) has been pioneering the artificial intelligence and machine learning space to help customers transform their business. Many of the world’s largest enterprise and government customers trust them to access their complex and chaotic data, translating it into practical insights that propel their business through improved profit and performance. ElectrifAi has positively impacted the world’s top industries including Government, Healthcare, Financial Services, Travel and Hospitality, Telecommunications, CPG, Retail and Entertainment. Their innovative approach fully embraces open-source technology, which provides practical solutions quicker than any of their competition. That’s practical AI with Rapid ROI.

Ensemble Health Partners is a leading innovator in revenue cycle management, helping health care providers improve financial outcomes and patient experiences with an unrivaled depth of expertise and best-in-class technologies. Ensemble offers full revenue cycle outsourcing as well as a comprehensive suite of health care financial management point solutions. We have been helping to improve health care outcomes for millions of patients while saving hundreds of millions of dollars for health care providers. Our approach forges true partnerships that dive deep into the details to find solutions and deliver results that last. For more information, visit  

EnableComp partners with over 800 healthcare providers to maximize their complex claims reimbursement by having the best people, processes, products and performance. Our industry leading technology and analytics identifies the right payer, at the right time, for the right amount ensuring clients collect the appropriate revenue for their complex claims.

eviCore healthcare delivers utilization management services and technology solutions to healthcare organizations that ensure evidence-based care for over 100m Americans. We are committed to removing barriers to cost-effective, appropriate care by streamlining medical necessity review and pre-approval processes. Our automated prior authorization solution manages the workflow from case submission to approval for any payer, reducing administrative costs and speeding provision of care.  

​As a company developed by clinicians, FairCode provides specially trained physicians to review the documentation post CDI and coding efforts but before billing to create clinically cleaner claims. These specifically trained physicians use FairCode’s audit support technology to collaborate with hospital coders to more accurately code diagnoses and procedures. Physician-to-physician dialogue improves and clarifies the medical record documentation so that appropriate codes are selected and sequenced for final DRG assignment. Quality metrics, including ROM and POA diagnoses, are addressed because of the physician’s perspective on each case.

Providers don’t have to give up the patient relationship to address rising deductibles. Flywire’s OnPlan Health is a full-service patient billing and payment platform that engages patients with responsive payment offers, based on their profile and ability to pay. This creates a personalized, rela­tionship-building financial experience that improves response time to set­tle balances on mutual terms, reduces patient calls, prevents unnecessary placements to agencies, and increases cash. OnPlan combines accounts into a single view, both online and offline, providing a seamless experience for patients and providers, including the tools that revenue cycle teams need: a robust CRM, automated payment posting, performance analytics and re­porting, and payment security and compliance.

Health Talent Solutions provide both interim/project and permanent RCM professionals experience matched to the systems, payors and processes of our clients. Our effectiveness and “easy to work with” reputation is the by-product of decades of experience. In short, we speed up your cash flow and improve your bottom line.
• Billing, Collections and AR Clean Up
• Transaction Posting
• Denial Management
• IT System Quality and In
• Cash Posting & Reconciliation
• Revenue Integrity
• Project Management and Process Improvement
• Reporting and Analytics

Healthfuse, a New Capital Partners portfolio company, drives revenue cycle vendor performance by building, operating, and optimizing hospital vendor management offices. Working with 150+ hospitals and health systems, the Healthfuse VMO platform is a comprehensive suite of HIPAA-compliant, customizable applications fully supported by a dedicated execution team, accelerating cost savings and collections improvement.

Healthfuse ensures hospitals and their revenue cycle vendors operate in full transparency, delivering accountability, efficiency, and bottom-line results. Healthfuse has provided more than $600M in bottom-line improvements, 10-30% reduced vendor costs, and 20-30% increased collections.

Horizon Healthcare RCM is a sixteen-(16) year old agency that offers revenue cycle project work to healthcare providers of all types. We engage in two-(2) driving principles: Strive for excellence in all we do and treat our employees and clients with the highest of ethics and principled action. We maintain a high level of compliance with our SOC 2 Type II annual audit/certification process. This ensures that adherence to HIPAA and the protection of PHI is our focus in all our operational and IT processes and configurations. Our core project expertise is in Day-One Billing, Early-Out Self-Pay, and Denial Management Project work.

Infinx provides innovative and scalable patient access and revenue cycle management solutions. With an intelligent platform called iBridge, healthcare providers can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to optimize their workflows and capture more revenue. While most solutions offer one, you need both. As a business-process-as-a-service (BPaaS), iBridge gives you integration, automation, cognition, and control. It seamlessly integrates with your existing PMS and RIS, automates your pre-visit process and uses machine learning to give you unparalleled access and control over your workflow.

KIWI-TEK provides “Code America” PRN or total outsourced coding solutions to healthcare providers through a network of world-class domestic coders and managers. We provide rapid turnaround and accurate results at a lower price point, reducing denials and increasing reimbursements. Our certified coders are required to maintain 97% accuracy and can code on an existing HIS platform, using client encoders and document management systems. KIWI-TEK provides a total domestic coding workforce of over 500 experienced certified coders.

A leader in healthcare analytics, MedeAnalytics helps health plan and payer organizations make even smarter decisions. With the most advanced data orchestration in healthcare, our intelligent cloud-based analytics platform combines data to deliver state-of-the-art analytics, all in a business context. MedeAnalytics’ scalable solutions for financial management, operations, value-based care, and strategic planning—and the ability to tailor-build—deliver the action-ready insights organizations need to achieve success. Helping health plan and payer organizations realize financial and operational value almost immediately is just one of the many reasons why MedeAnalytics is the leading healthcare-only analytics provider. Learn more at

Medlytix is a healthcare technology company providing a suite of industry-leading revenue enhancement solutions designed to capture “net new cash” for your organization while improving the patient financial experience, rescuing bad debt and reducing cost-to-collect. Medlytix partners with over 1,600 leading health systems, hospitals, and physician practices where our solutions impacted over $17.3 billion of provider receivables in 2020.

The Meduit family of companies, including Avadyne Health who joined in March 2021, has been providing collection solutions for the Healthcare industry since 1953.  As one of the largest RCM services organizations in the nation, Meduit is able to provide an all-encompassing array of revenue cycle management services that leads to measurable, high performing results to maximize ROI for hospitals, health systems and physician groups. Our full suite of solutions includes scheduling, Medicaid eligibility, EBO (Extended Business Office)–insurance, EBO–self pay, and bad debt collections (primary and secondary), as well as patient financing, zero balance review, legacy work down and other special projects.  Additionally, we offer MeduitAI, our full suite of Artificial Intelligence solutions to increase efficiencies, lower expenses and maximize recoveries and patient outcomes.

As a long standing 5 Star NetSuite Solution and SuiteApp Provider, Nolan delivers both standard solutions and out-of-the-box implementations of NetSuite, as well as healthcare-industry focused NetSuite processes and products. NetSuite’s cloud ERP suite manages all key business functions including financials/accounting, inventory and HR all on the same platform with anytime, anywhere access. Nolan Business Solutions and NetSuite converge to provide the perfect solution with specific healthcare industry offerings such as entity and clinic hierarchy, multi-subsidiary accounting, and chart of accounts to address special accounting requirements. Using the power of NetSuite and the industry expertise of Nolan, healthcare organizations are empowered to improve visibility, minimize complexity and remain agile in the face of massive change.

Nym is changing Revenue Cycle Management with its autonomous medical coding software.
We serve health systems and physician groups and provide them with high quality and fully explainable coding in seconds with zero human intervention – reducing operational costs, speeding cash flow, lowering days in A/R and improving coding accuracy.  
We are currently coding more than two million charts a year and have deployed our platform at leading health systems, such as Baylor Scott & White and Geisinger, among others.

Paymerang’s award-winning electronic payables solution provides a simple, secure and profitable way to automate A/P disbursements. Paymerang does all the work, from vendor enablement to payment processing to transaction reconcilement, saving clients hundreds of hours each year and providing world-class customer service. In addition to the significant efficiency gains, clients enjoy Paymerang’s security features and lucrative cash back rebates. Setup is quick and easy, taking less than 30 days and 20 hours of client time to get up and running. Turn A/P into a profit center with Paymerang!

Professional Medical Services (PMS) is a Class C Corporation located in Fort Worth, Texas and works with large Health Systems throughout the United States.  PMS’ primary function is serving as an Extended Business Office (EBO) Partner to our clients by assisting them in effectively managing high volume, lower balanced insurance account populations.  PMS uses a blend of Analytics and Human Talent to effectively manage all insurance accounts placed with PMS and all work is performed on our clients’ health Information systems. 

Your business is evolving. Your systems should evolve too. Achieve your goals more successfully with Prophix’s innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. Improve profitability and minimize risk when you automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters. Budget, plan, consolidate and report automatically. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Prophix supports your future with a platform that flexes to suit your strategic realities, today and tomorrow.

Sixth Sense Intelligence, LLC is a Business Intelligence Platform vendor that sits on top of EMR, ERP and Decisions Support applications.  We support financial & operational leaders by:

• Creating a unified virtual charge master from all organizational billing systems·       

• Create a standardized and automated Single Source of Truth for statistics across the health system

• Automate the daily production of business-critical analyses

• Produce intuitive interactive dashboards for your analysts

• Automatically distribute analytics via email to all levels of leadership 

Sunbelt Health Partners leverages 30+ years of complex international healthcare claims experience and international payer relationships to help hospitals, specialty physicians’ practices, and RCM companies quickly resolve and recover international emergent patient claims. More than 100+ hospitals and specialty physician practices trust Sunbelt Health Partners to navigate and negotiate complex and emergent patient claims, self-pay balances, international and travel insurance accounts. Partner with the trusted team of global revenue cycle specialists.

The Coding Network provides remote coding, coding audits, coding helpline services, and provider documentation and code selection training.  All our 800+ U.S.A. based certified single specialty coders understand the subtleties that are unique to 56 different physician subspecialties, in 50 states, 104 academic institutions, 350+ billing companies and community-based practices and facilities.  We also have 300 coders that provide coding and auditing for acute care and specialty hospitals, SNFs, rehabilitation centers, and hospice care.  Our coders must pass a very demanding proficiency test in their particular specialty.  Unlike our competitors, every coder and auditor is a specialist.

Partner with a leader in Revenue Protection™ TransUnion Healthcare enables provider partners to identify and maximize reimbursement opportunities with market-leading revenue cycle technologies, extensive consumer data assets and financial behavior. Our best-in-class data and analytics can help engage patients early, ensure earned revenue gets paid and optimize collections strategies.

Boost productivity. Increase cash flow. Speed reimbursement. TruBridge is your one source for the people, products and processes you need to more efficiently serve your community.

Choose from a range of scalable solutions to precisely meet your healthcare organization’s needs. They include our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Accounts Receivable Management Service and Revenue Cycle Management product suite, along with a variety of other effective business and consulting services.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built a reputation as a business leader and trusted partner that consistently gets results for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Versalus Health is a data-driven consulting and services company that partners with hospitals and health systems to improve performance in the five areas of the clinical revenue cycle: Utilization Review/Admission Status, Documentation/Coding, Length of Stay/Utilization, Business Office, and Managed Care. Our solutions increase efficiency, ensure appropriate reimbursement, and improve results across all payer types. For more information about Versalus Health, visit

VisiQuate is a revenue cycle insights, advanced analytics, workflow, and professional services partner that focuses on identifying anomalies in your data, denial prevention, prediction and resolution and drillable/actionable revenue cycle dashboard analytics; All while driving a demonstrable ROI for our clients. 

Our solutions cover end-to-end revenue cycle analytics and assist clients with becoming a more data-driven organization. We do this through our alerting framework that proactively notifies when issues with accounts, payers, cash collections, etc. are detected. Our proprietary opportunity percentage scoring allows our clients to be surgical with all denials follow up and drive intelligent workflow automation back into their work queues for resolution based on an intelligent scoring percentage.

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, planning, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises have selected Workday.

Xtend Healthcare is nationally recognized as an industry-leading provider of comprehensive revenue cycle solutions to health systems. Sustained reve­nue cycle improvement is our exclusive focus with experience in all 50 states and more than 30 years of dedicated health revenue cycle experience. We are committed to delivering customized solutions built around the broad revenue cycle needs of our clients. Our solutions include: comprehensive Revenue Cycle Outsourcing (RCO), revenue integrity/coding, denial and ap­peal management, conversion A/R resolution and accelerated A/R recovery.

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