Q1 Productions Safeguard is our approach to enhanced health and safety standards at our conferences and forums following COVID-19.
With our plans in place, attendees, speakers, and sponsors can learn, engage, and connect safely, effectively, and with confidence at our events.
We pledge to adhere to the following standards to provide the safest possible in-person experience.


All venues will be compliant with CDC and ECDC standards, as well as state and local guidelines.

Crowd Density

A Crowd Density Standard (CDS) will be achieved by managing the number of visitors per area and timeslot overseen by social distance ambassadors enforcing local and official standards.

Social Distancing

We’re setting up conference rooms, meeting spaces, and dining tables with more breathing room, plus, with hands-free technology we’re avoiding swapping germs on equipment as much as possible.

Sanitation & Cleaning

Our venue partners are committed to keeping our spaces spotless and easily identifiable sanitizing stations will be set up for your convenience.

Contactless Touchpoints

Using advanced online registration and onsite digital registration will keep contact to a minimum by employing QR codes and other electronic credentials to avoid unnecessary contact. We’re also going digital with conference information and materials accessible via the Q1 app on your preferred device. Don’t have the app yet? See below.

Food & Beverage

Our venue partners are enhancing their food safety practices, minimizing self-service buffets, and eliminating shared utensils and trays by providing options in sustainable, pre-packaged containers using recyclable materials. We’re also enabling pre-ordering food and drinks, where possible, to minimize waste and manage time, comfort, and social distancing.

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